Artificial leather cloth textiles you place an order different from the normal and sensitive. therefore, make sure to follow strictly the following matters,

1. Definitely two different colored skin, and use them to combine with him as well as other fabrics. Report is to be used before order

2. Provide instructions for use can only be deleted phrase. If you want to let us know before ordering for care instructions. (Do not dry cleaning.)

3. Be careful not to make improper planting, during planting. Because the stitching will be irreversible

4. Do not float upright if possible, stop the balls

5. Artificial leather sewn pieces of different colors do not place on top of mixed color.

6. Where you purchased the product, be sure to serve the purpose of testing whether the ball without breaking. Not accept liability for balls cut off.

7. Tea and coffee stains, tea pouring should be wetting the surface with a dry cloth and soapy wet cloth to dry the surface by wiping with a circular motion

8. Martindale - Abrasions, our products have a high level of strength endurance.

9. UV Light Disease, disease protection of our products are UV light. Protect from direct sunlight, especially light-colored products. Do not use bleach ingredients.

10. Dust, to erase the dust on the surface, use a soft brush and a vacuum cleaner