Objectives and success criteria for Dinçerler Textile, the most important place among the standards and excellence in Human Resources practices and strategies almaktadır.Yüksek the Human Resources management plan taking into consideration the principles of all our employees happy, peaceful and aimed at creating an organization that will take place WITHOUT financial concerns. A lean organization structure of our employees, and their potential use as efficient in achieving the main targets of the group, the contribution and value assessment of their impacts positions in one of our main goals.


  Dinçerler Textiles - Synthetic Leather Feza 'applied to the recruitment and promotion processes, requirements of the job qualifications, personal skills and individual performance has been taken, to make objective and fair assessment, used in professional systems. Employees, providing information about the work unit goals and expectations of the group themselves, is intended to establish a safe and healthy work environment.


  Employees to develop themselves and the best way to do a better job of training and development opportunities offered by our company.


 Our company's vision, mission, objectives, results of operations and all matters involving our employees in the organization, is shared with the employees on a regular basis. Remaining loyal to our company values ​​and business principles and meet the expectations of all our employees, the company created an objective and fair manner in line with value priced and are rewarded with opportunities for promotion .